It’s That Time–Change

Yesterday I found a case I had purchased for my I touch originally. I ended up not using it because it was slippery. 

I have serious commitment issues–like I take forever to make a decision on something, like purchases, for myself because I want to make sure I reaaaally want it and reaaaaaally like it. Like serious that when  commit, I commit.  It is all part of my OCD behaviors and anxiety disorder. I become obsessive.

So I changed my cover last night from this:

To this:

I remember why I disliked it today as I keep slipping it around. But it is still pretty and it is teaching me a lot. To love myself and to give myself some leniency. To loosen up on my ticks. It is still pink even if it lacks the glitter. But it will not shed glitter and scratch me. And it is ombre!! 

So here is to my trying to overcome those voices and compulsions to my obsessions!

Let’s see how long this lasts…..


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