LoveMe Challenge: Day 8


Share a scar….

Well I feel like I would be cheating if I said the ones forming on my eyes as we speak since I have been telling y’all about that for the past week!!

So a new scar…

Is this physical scars only? Or is this emotional scars? Like my PTSD with cars and driving from my traumatic car accident so everytime I hear screeching tires, ambulance sirens, cars crashing, I trip back.

I am guessing physical. I will go with that.

I have many on my feet from dance. Boring.

I have three from skin biopsies of moles believed to be skin cancer? Nah that is just blegh.

OH!! Two great scar stories! Same concept, different location. One is not PG. I will stick with the PG one.

When I was in high school, like sophomore or junior year, I really wanted my cartilage of my ear pierced–the high up kind. You know… like what all kids in the late 90s, early 2000s did?

Well my mom is a type A controlling modest freak. Like getting my ear lobes 2nd hole was when I was 18 and because I was going to do it anyway… she “allowed it.” To this day she still thinks it was scandalous and slutty to do. My other 7 holes she knows about oh she thinks makes me scum of the earth. Mind you they do not have anything but little sparkly diamonds in them. I like sparkles. And each one represents an accomplishment.


I thought I was clever. And in theory this was working! My mom had allowed me to buy magnetic fake cartilage stud rings from Claire’s to try and placate me. So I wore one in the same spot high on my left ear.

My theory was: keep wearing it all the time, she gets used to it, get it pierced, she never knows!

Excellent theory!

Well, after a week I got lazy and decided to leave it on. There was nothing indicating not to…not yet at least. Thst changed thanks to me. πŸ˜€

So I left it on.

It hurt sooo bad!! After three days my ear was so sore I could not take it anymore! I decided I would take it off to rest.

I got home, was in the bathroom, and pulled at the magnets.

They were pretty stuck!! I was having swrious difficulty getting them unattached! I kept readjusting my grip! It did mot help thst my ear was red, puffy, and sore. Well, I learned of a surprise.

I had pierced straight through my ear with the magnets!!!!!

I mean duuuuh it makes sense!!! Magnetic force–it is strong enough to pull through!!! The pain was from the magnets crushing my cartilage. Talk about sick lady RIGHT HERE!! hahahahaha!

Well I freaked out and screamed! I was bleeding! My dad came in. He laughed at me for being stupid.

Now a genius should and would have put a real earring in. Nope not me!! I was sooo paranoid about infection, scarring, and the bleeding!

To this day, you can see the hole still!! The skin grew back, but in the right light, it is transparent since there is no cartilage in one spot about 10 gauge. You can feel it, too.

I was a rebel and tried to pass piercings. Got away with a lot. But two of them I just have scars from.


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