Ed’s Voice vs. Cake Decorating: Part 3

I went on to make another cake for a best friend to support her and her mom. And then that led to another.

It feels great! I love the OCD control aspect of it. I also love the working out tension in the fondant!

And I really like the making small things part, too!

So of course I was bragging about my gorgeous cakes to PC since the beginning. I was always looking for an excuse to make him one but he kept turning it down.

Well, I put my foot down for his birthday. I was making him a damn cake whether he liked it or not! It was not an option!

Finally, he caved. But only by giving me chocolate cake as the flavor. -___-

The rest was up to me.

I was excited!!

Until I remembered: PC is a guy. He will want a guy stereotypical cake. I am really good at girl like cakes.

I mean I can create most anything out of fondant…

So I thought.

I spent all day making his cake today. And Ed’s voice won.

I am far from satisfied.

I have been bragging about my cakes and this is like my worst work!!! Greaaat way to go Cassie. At least I have the sex thing going with him.

My biggest issue was not being able to find black fondant…and then settling on a product I have never used before.

Suuuure it looks easy. The bottle says it is easy. All these great ideas are in my head. FAIL!!

Plan: use black decorator icing for spiders on each cupcake and on cake. Use green decorator frosting for leaves and grass. Create chickens to go on top of cake.

It is based on this inside joke he and I have about spiders and chickens.

And the icing just epically failed.

My spiders look stepped on.

At least my leaves look somewhat leafy.

During this process I remembered how much I suck at icing and frosting. Just good at fondant. Stick with what you know, Cass!!

PC is headed here soon.

So here are the pictures of my cake and cupcakes.

I am beyond disappointed and upset. I was hesitant to even share and attach myself to it.

Alas, I started this saga so I must conclude it.  One thing Ed’s voice makes sure I do is finish what I start!
Sorry to disappoint you all as well!



Ok I have been fighting this app for four hours to add the pictures. The rest will come later. I’m sorry.


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