how ‘Ana’ enters my life…

An amazing and personal experience of the descent into anorexia.


It all started in July, when i just started school after a long holiday. In a period of just 6 months, i’ve lost 15 kilos. I was 160 cm, and i weigh only 35 kilos. Yes, i was very skinny and bony, but i never realized that. What i know was that i was fat and i need to lose some more weight. This was how it goes:

July.I started to think that i need to lose some weight. People have been telling me that i’m fat, although i was technically and actually not. I was ideal, but the other members of my family were skinny, so they called me fat. I wanted to lose weight, but i was still not determined to do so. I still eat my normal portion, and i was still an omnivore. I eat everything. And i thought, i would never be able to…

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