LoveMe Challenge: Day 10


Share a secret? Ummm my whole blog is a secret!!! Hence, anonymous?! Hahahaha So by reading my blog you know more secrets than most anyone else! 

But that does not count, huh?

Sooooo a secret…..

OOH! I feel weird saying it but here it goes! I receive a lot of validstion from this blog. It means a lot to me when people like, reblog, comment, and follow me.

I know it sounds shallow, but in my life people always want things from me. What can Cassie do to help them without getting anything in return? On here it is the opposite: I am able to be myself and voice my thoughts and hope for the best that it helps others better understand the struggles of eating disorders. 

So when I see a younger blogger who does not post much or anything of significance receive hundreds, if not a thousand, followers in a few months while I reached 100 followers in like several years I become jealous. I feel invalidated like I am not reaching people; I am not making an impact.

I am not asking for pity. I just figured it would be a good secret to share. I do want to maintain a matter of transparency.


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