Intending To…

I have been intending to do several posts for two days now but time keeps slipping away. 

PC is out of town this weekend so I thought I would have more time and I actually ended up in bed earlier because I am physically exhausted–stress, bullying, and harassment can do that to you apparently!

So please bare with me! I will throw you some kibble! Sneak peaks!!

Upcoming Posts:

  • Finally putting down the whole interviews and outcomes for the jobs
  • A post on the stress of being bullied by a potential future employer
  • Stress of decision making that I have been going through–having to pick a job that can cover my healthcare costs while supporting my health and well being
  • Debates of trips to do for potential vacation time if I get any
  • What therapy has been like
  • Cherry vs Cassie in therapy: struggle against Ed’s voice and food with food journal/anxieties, weight gain, and illness lead food restrictions
  • Therapy being crisis intervention and what that has meant

I am going to try and be more consistent on what my therapy sessions are like. Lately it has been crisis intervention so I figured that was boring. And repetitive. 

And work weekends make it really difficult to get anything done…I am falling asleep right now!!!

It emotionally drains me working in such a toxic environment. I have several ulcers–one is named after my boss, one is after the department, another after the group of teenage mentality bullies! Yay!

What are the feelings on chasing Prilosec with alcohol….? Jaykay! Horrid I know! Alcohol worsens ulcers!!

Add to my stress that PC is at his best female friend’s wedding this weekend. So now I am scared he will either come back a) want to break up because I am not “the one” or “good enough” for marriage or 2) want to propose right away because weddings do that to men in their 30s.


long weekend… :/


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