It’s That Time

I have mentioned a couple times how I love the PLUR lifestyle. And how I love EDM. And adore things that glow in the dark. That I enjoy painting my nails. So I was quite ecstatic when my sister Andie told me about China Glaze’s new collection Electric Nights. It glows under UV blacklights. I am freaking out I am so excited!!! 

I got my toosh on Ulta, the place I found it the cheapest, and bought each color. My sister got the glitters and the purples and sent me pictures. They are fabulush!!

Today’s picture(s) are of my order and the polishes! you just have to see the names!!!

SO CUTE!! I cannot wait till they arrive!! Perfect for my glow party PC and I will be doing later! 😛 K how cute are these lady?!?

A great way to keep the PLUR going during the hard times.  

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