List Challenge: Firsts

This week’s List Challenge is a list of your firsts! It will make you think back but it can help you remember how you have come to where you are.

Cassie’s Firsts

  • First Kiss: Anson* I was 16. I was not allowed to date until I was 16. Of course I had boyfriends before Anson. But he was my legal one that lasted longer. Not my first legal one though. I had a time line, I was going to wait 6 months for my first kiss in a relationship. Anson pressured. I thought I was in love. I remember being high off the moment. He told me it would have been easier if I was drunk. That was after a month of dating. We kissed a lot. We were together 2 months… The second month he cheated on me by sleeping with 2 of my best friends and an ex girlfriend. No one told me until a year later.
  • First Date: Jackson* on a group date in 7th grade. We went and saw Toy Story 2. He was and is part of my Jew Crew from when I was 5 years old. My on again off again Jew love. Then no real recollections of memorable dates and had horrible dating. PC was a collection of amazing dates!
  • First Love: Jaxon A*. We met romantically at Disney World when I was 16. Amazing. Then it was Percy* who broke my heart. Percy and I met literally the last week of high school and bonded a lot. We dated until Thanksgiving when he broke up with me because he felt he was ruining my college experience.
  • First “Teen” Moment:
  • First Drink: It was either Jäger or SoCo and Coke.
  • First Job: Babysitting. On taxable record? Summer camp.
  • First Drive: Forced in a golf cart. Then it was at the local junior college…also forced. I did not want to drive.
  • First Passion: dance.
  • First Big Purchase [>$200]: iPod. The pink one!
  • First Big Purchase [>$500]: my car. And my laptop.
  • First Concert: technically Raffi as a toddler. But some no names. Then Kenny Chesney where I met him.
  • First CD: Either Spice Girls, Aqua, or Beach Boys
  • First Cellphone: Nokia yeeyeee 
  • First Thing You Do in the Morning: pee and take my med.
  • First Thing That Became Your Trademark: Disney Princess backpacks
  • First All-Nighter: middle school for fun. High school for homework.
  • First Trip Out of State: when I was an infant. I grew up between California and Hawaii.
  • First Trip Out of Country: middle school. To Canada.
  • First Pet: goldfish. But soooo boring. When I was in kindergarten and 5, I had my first pet rat. I love pet rats!!!
  • First Personal Tradition: two years ago I started doing my own birthday tradition–going away for my birthday. But 3 years ago I started another tradition: self care. I ended my 5 year relationship 2 days before Valentine’s Day because he ignored me. His birthday was a few days after that.then a week after that one of my close friends [and my first legal boyfriend] died drinking and driving. That time has become Cassie’s Black Period. During this time [and a long standing history of bad Valentine’s Days] I decided to make it my spoil me time. I plan my massage, haircut, wax, and a special gift from Tiffany’s as well as a day at the beach.

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