LoveMe Challenge: Day 14


First of all…. It has been two weeks already?! What?! 

Share a fear I have overcome. 

To someone who does not have an eating disorder, it is so insignificant. To me, it was a lifetime of struggles…over two decades worth. Literally fears and avoidance. 

So for me, I am fearful of 96% of foods. That is not an exaggeration.

In therapy, I had been working on food exposures to conquer some of my food fears.

I conquered one completely: apples.

Yes it sounds stupid.

I ate apples before but not whole or with skin. Now I can.

It took awhile to get to that point. It also took awhile to get to the point where I would not hesitate when eating the whole apple or apple skin.

I still have my days where I will avoid it because I do not have the strength to fight off the hesitancies even though I know I can.

Because a fear does not just disappear for life; it leaves scars and those scars are reminders.

That is my overcoming a fear. I am sure I have many more, but it is the most prominent one and it happened a year ago.


4 thoughts on “LoveMe Challenge: Day 14

  1. Everyone is different. I have fear foods from all different food groups. Some people with anorexia eat chocolate cake! It’s just the mentality behind it and the inevitable restriction of food from the limited safe foods that make the illness. Well done on making a great step 🙂

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