LoveMe Challenge: Day 18

Something that feeds my brain: Duolingo.

I am trying to stay fresh with my multilingualism. Right now I am trying to perfect my French. Inhave been using the app Duolingo which can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store.

You can learn almost any major common language from it!! I was greedy and excited st first and started them all…. miiiistake!

So I have been finetuning my French to perfect it. Like seriously perfect it.

And since I am almost at the end of the app’s presented sections for French, I started on Spanish. Inhave always wanted to learn Spanish and it would come in handy in my profession. There are a lot of similarities to French grammar so I am doing ok.

Anyways. So I have a goal and every day I do one round [either practice or new lesson] each in French and Spanish.

This feeds my brain.

After I am pro with Spanish, on to German and Russian. 😛

I am bilingual in French and English.

Growing up I could understand German and Yiddish. I want those back. I also grew up in Hawaii. Started going through lesrning Hawaiian again. But Spanish had an app and Hawaiian is a book…

Then, being Jewish, I learned to read/write/speak Hebrew. I want to remaster that.

I also was the. exposed a lot to Russian. I could understand and speak it. Never learned to read and write. So its been over a decade but I followed a long better than I thought recently.

So I am learning from scratch Spanish. Then to master [again] German, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Russian.

Then on to Italian, Gaelic [Irish], Danish, and Dutch. Because I can. And all through Duolingo.

Who, might I add, is PERFECT!!!

All learning techniques: picture-word identification, oral comprehension, matching english to the language, provided english and hsve to translate, provided language have to translate, have to speak into microphone amd be measured, have to listen and type what is heard…. truly amazing!!!! AND COMPLETELY 100% FREE

Check. It. Out.

Feed your brain.


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