New Job

I am almost done with my first week at my new job.

The people are amazing!! Granted there is one person I’m not so sure about. She hates me. Separate post.

But it’s hard adjusting over. I did my shift in two days on weekends… For 7+ years. Now I have a totally different shift. It’s kicking my booty. 

Im getting less tired as the days progress which is unusual for me. 

But when I am rested I will update y’all.

And then do blog posts on my DBT stuff I learned, super helpful.
Moooore sleep time!

And PC is leaving me for business trip forever uuuugh.


4 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Awesome to read! I’m so glad you’re liking your new job so far 😀 Beats the heck out of the old place already and you SO deserved this change.

    How long is your man leaving for? I hate it when they do that…luckily, Dayne doesn’t travel too far with his work often.

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    • Ya it’s a different feel–I don’t get to immediately see how I’m saving lives. I don’t see patients like I did before which kinda stinks. But I know my current job is critical and life saving. I just do t have the public knowledge of that so self esteem wise it kinda sucks.

      But ya it’s great! I mean I HAVE MY OWN DESK!!! I don’t have to fight with immature people [well will not have to in long run….] about space and keeping area clean!! I get to use what I WANT!! I already have my pink desk accessories and pictures picked out! It’s so fun! I love being able to leave things and not live out of a backpack! Weird but positive adjustment!

      Ugh wellllll they said one week but now they told him 2.5 weeks so he flipped out. As did I. We had this whole um argument and fight earlier this week because he basically gets what he wants and os but I don’t. So he got it and I haven’t before he leaves and I’m beyond frustrated!!! ;]

      The travel part succccks!! It stresses him out and I’m never quite sure how to support PC! I end up writing him letters for each day but this time I only did for one week and they sprung the extra length without me being prepared. So I’ll do emails as compromise!


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