Countdown Has Begun

Today I dropped PC off at the airport; shipped him off. This whole week his trip has progressively grown longer and longer. When I kissed him goodbye it is 20 days. Pretty much 3 weeks. It has the potential to get longer, of course.

This is not the first time he has left me and our time zone. I remember it being harder.  

But this is the first time of me going this alone; no Cherry.

This is the first time that I was able to drop him off at the airport. I think it was what we both needed.

This will also be the longest we are separated.

We are missing our 9 month anniversary. To us it is a big deal–we promised each other we would celebrate these hallmarks. And last anniversary I was actively trying not to self harm.

We are also missing our first Halloween together. I am super bummed about this one. It is on a Saturday–AND I AM NOT WORKING!!! :[

No pumpkin patch. My first one in 7 years. I will go with a friend.

4 weekends apart. My first 4 weekends that I am not working and he is not here.

I know it hurts him, too. He is really upset about it. So naturally I have had to front and be the strong one. He had planned every. Single. Weekend. And I am sure our anniversary.

I shipped him with a week’s worth of written letters–his company decided 20 days Friday evening so I had no time. I will compose him emails the rest of those weeks to compensate. Not the same but I am trying to be flexible.

I’m going to miss him. 

I have a journal that I write in as if I am writing to him. I will do that. I’ll keep blogging on here. ;] I’ll read. A lot. I’ll do some cleaning. Try and start running again. If not at least stretching. I just need to stay busy.

He and I are going to try and FaceTime. The time change is realllly killer. So are his hours while he is there.

The countdown is on.

Any tips or advice? 


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