LoveMe Challenge: Day 27


What I have accepted about me are things that most people don’t like hearing, honestly.

I have accepted that I will die from anorexia by 35. I have never seen my life past that point.

I have accepted that my life sucks and I just have to radically accept it.

I have accepted that I have anorexia which means that food and I will never have a relationship like everyone else does.

I have accepted that I will never be able to get rid of those thoughts that I am not good enough especially in invalidating environments.

I have accepted that very few people in my life will understand my struggles or even make an effort to.

I have also accepted that life really is not fair and no matter how nice I am, every mean person I know still seems to get ahead. But that I cannot change who I am. We have to live our lives so I want to live one I am proud of. 


2 thoughts on “LoveMe Challenge: Day 27

  1. Life definitely isn’t fair, but there are also many mean people that DONT get ahead in the world too. Many people with an ed survive through it. You can too. I don’t want you to die from your illness by 35!
    And regards to people, it’s quality not quantity šŸ˜˜

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    • I’d love to see just one mean person not get ahead. In my life they cheat/lie/hurt others and prosper. Just once I want to see one of them fall.

      And I want to hear the stories of survivors because I feel like there aren’t many of those either.

      That is true. Quality better than quantity.

      I used to have a LARGE amount of people but was lonely. Now I have a small group of people which after my birthday was whittled down to a handful of people. Quality indeed. :]

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