5 Things List

5 things was originally by the fabulous rr1996

I loved the idea so much that I asked his permission to recreate it! Here is my version! ❤

5 Things I Absolutely HATE:

  1. Not being heard or understood
  2. Ignorant people
  3. Entitled people
  4. Food
  5. People who take credit for my work and effort 

Can People Please:

  1. Just stop the drama.
  2. Ditto to R: accept when they are wrong…it’s called accountability and responsibility.
  3. Stop being so addicted to technology? Get off your phones. Get off your tablets. Get the fuck off Facebook. Connect with people.
  4. Stop assuming that because I’m overweight that I’m lazy/inactive/bulimic? I’m anorexic. Why would I lie and make that up? And proceed to tell you? 
  5. Start caring for their children and raising their own children? You’re not their friend you are their parent. You are the reason they are unable to behave. 

5 Things I Want:

  1. My trained profession and a job worthy of my skill set
  2. Pet rats
  3. To be thin and fit
  4. To have money so I can afford to move out, dance, and take trips
  5. Cherry as my therapist again… But to have a known therapy treatment team and plan right now.

Would It Be Okay If:

  1. The EDM club and dance scene was as vibrant here as it is in Vegas
  2. I actually got the things I asked for and deserved because I sure have worked hard and earned them…….
  3. People kept their religions to themselves and private? Because clearly there has never been a separation of church and well anything… What you believe is for you and your choice religion. Stop telling others how their life choices are wrong.
  4. Someone showered me in expensive gifts and payed my rent?
  5. There was a national holiday dedicated to cheese. And we had two days off for it.



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