Sweater Weather Challenge

  1. Favorite Candle Scent: I love beach scents, but in fall it is cinnamon scents and vanilla. I love lighting candles in fall!! One of my favorite parts of fall. 
  2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: ooowee. I used to be all about the hot chocolate. But thanks to anorexia it freaks me out and has for the past few years since the big relapse in 2013. The good taste just makes me feel guilty I guess. I do drink a lot of tea in fall and winter….so much so they watch me as it can be a trigger. I hate the taste of coffee. But I like the powder packets of apple cider by alpine.
  3. What is the best Fall Memory you have? The best? I feel so jaded right now. I am not quite sure. I loved when I was thinner and I wore sweaters, mini skirts, and my Ugg boots. Like all the time. Or my family tradition of going to our Black Friday Festival and it was years ago when the festival was much fuller. And then we went to my aunt’s house afterwards, ate, drank, and played uno. That was a great memory.
  4. Best fragrance for Fall: hmmm. I usually switch to Twilight Woods and lean more on my Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. 
  5. Favorite Thanksgiving food: ugh food. Um well last year was a big deal because I actually for the first time in two years and I tried new foods. I like corn bread pudding. And rolls. Pie. Maple sugared Yams. Mashed potatoes. Because that is all I eat.
  6. Most worn sweater: depends!! It’s been so damn hot here in California I barely wore sweaters last year which makes me mad. I invested in a bunch from Hollister, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Victoria’s Secret and never wore them! They could be too big at this point. Stupid La Nina…. So I guess to be determined.
  7. Football games or jumping in leaves: both? I like crunching leaves as I walk because it’s as satisfying as bubble wrap. But I only love college football. No pro ball thanks. 
  8. Favorite Fall accessory: fur boots like Uggs. Period. And jackets with faux fur hoods. That are puffy.
  9. Favorite type of pie: chocolate chip/pecan/chocolate mousse/lemon
  10. What is the Fall weather like where you live? Hahaha wellll if it is not La Nina or El Niño years… It gets to be gorgeous. Mid 50s-60s during the days and cooler at night. So warmish days. Enough that light sweaters are perfect.  Right now? We just got our first cooling front. It’s been in the high 80s and 90s. Ridiculous I hate it!!! I just want Fall where I can go out and NOT sweat.
  11. Favorite Fall makeup trend: deeper and darker colors. 
  12. What song really gets you into Fall spirit? Not sure I have one.
  13. Pumpkin spice–worth the hype? Lol! Just talked about this with Erin today!! Depends!! Love it in breads, pancakes, pies, carbs. Not a fan of cookies/drinks.
  14. Favorite Fall tv show: I like the 13 Days of Halloween countdown on ABC Family! Classic movies. How about Hocus Pocus?
  15. Favorite new Fall tv show: oooo Quantico! Blood and Oil is ok. Hooked on Empire. Still have my other addictions.
  16. Skinny jeans or leggings: leggings. Skinny jeans are not made for my body. I need stretch to get into jeans normally.
  17. Combat boots or Uggs: I enjoy both honestly! But I’m addicted to my boots that sport fur faux and not faux.
  18. Halloween: yay or nay? Usually major yay. I hate the candy part because it makes me so anxious.
  19. Fall mornings or Fall evenings? Ew evenings!!! I hate mornings. But I’m hating how dark it is and so early!!! Fucks with me. I swear seasonal affective right here!!
  20. Feelings about Black Friday: I think it’s stupid that we have a holiday dedicated to consumerism and materialism. It encourages the idea that life is about things. My family traditions are based on Black Friday because it is the day where we go as a family to a festival and spend it together. Then have our thanksgiving meal together. And play games together.  If you are not able to afford it until Black Friday then you should not own it to start with. You are not entitled to shit.
  21. Favorite Fall traditions: baking, decorating, holiday card designing/addressing/mailing, arts and crafts, hand turkeys, reading by the fire
  22. Any new traditions to start? I want to find one to do with PC. Had wanted to do pumpkin patch but missed that. :/ 
  23. Favorite alcoholic beverage for Fall: not sure I have one. Have not been much of a drinker here lately. On a lot of mess right now.
  24. When should the holiday season start? Oooo LOVE this question!! AFTER Thanksgiving!!!!!
  25. Who do you love to spend Fall with? Friends, family, PC [now], my volunteer kids.

One thought on “Sweater Weather Challenge

  1. I love crunching in the leaves too! When I was a kid I always loved taking a walk in the fall, because I would walk along the edge of the sidewalk where the crunchiest leaves seemed to gather, and I’d just be hypnotized by the sound.

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