Foods List

My Alphabetical List of Safe Foods

Still a work in progress… two days later. But so sleepy!!

A apples, apple juice, Alfredo, American, almonds, alcohol

B banana, bread, bread bowl, Brie, bagels, brownies [no nuts]

C cream sauces, cupcakes [sometime], chocolate, cheese, cheddar, corn, cuties, cream cheese, cheese sticks, cheese quesadilla, cheese enchilada, Cesar salad, cereal, cherry flavor, cheezits, cashews, charoset, crackers

D dairy [generally speaking], dips [ranch, onion, garlic, sometimes artichoke]

E ebelskievers, enchilada [cheese], emmenthalyer, English muffin

F fries, French toast, fondue [cheese or chocolate], fontina, falafel 

G gelato, gelatin, granola, grilled cheese, Greek yogurt, garlic, Gatorade, goldfish, Gouda, gin, gnocchi, graham crackers

H hot chocolate [not much anymore], hummus, honey, hash browns

I ice cream, 

J juice, 

K ketchup, key lime flavor, kugel, Krispy treats 

L lemonade, lemon, lettuce [but not the veins or stalks], lasagna

M mint, mozzarella sticks, milkshake

N nuts, noodles

O orange juice, onion rings

P pancakes, popcorn, pudding, peanuts, pecans, protein shake [Kellogs and Carnation], peppermint, pizza, pie, pretzels

Q quesadilla [cheese]

R rice, rice a roni, 

S smoothies [specifics], sandwiches [peanut butter, pb And ketchup, pb and fluff, cheese and ketchup, cheese, pb and chips], salad, spinach, sweet potato fries, sparkling wine, sparkling cider, spaghetti

T tater tots, toast


V vanilla

W waffles, whipped cream, water, walnuts, wintergreen, white wine, wine


Y yogurt [vanilla, chocolate, key lime, lemon]

Z ziti


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