Everywhere You Go

You will find people you know. Without actually knowing them.

I have been in my new job like 6 weeks now? Ya the time has flown!! Crazy!!! And it seems everyone’s true colors are shaking now. They no longer put on their masks and false faces.

And it seems that there is a lot of drama here.

It is one thing to know it is there. I’m used to it. I just ignore it. Do my thing and get out. I treat everyone with respect. Even those who play into their own stereotypes and ice me out.

Surprised to say I really don’t care what that specific person thinks of me. I worked so hard for that person to like me. Then yesterday I was like FUCK IT. I will not change who I am to make others happy. Either you like me or you don’t: and that is your problem. I’m genuinely over it. Too old for these games.

But then my all time favorite.

“I hate drama. I stay out of this because it’s drama and I don’t do drama. That sounds like drama.” Turns around and instigates hella shit.

Nope. That shit don’t fly with me.

Especially the whole part where it has become apparent that she is jealous of me. And instead of approaching me with a concern of me she went straight to my boss. She’s too old for that shit. That’s drama. And it’s disrespectful. Didn’t even try to talk to me.

Clearly I still intimidate people. Guess being friendly and knowledgeable makes me confident. Ironic huh. If they all only knew.

So after an extremely shitty week filled with middle school meltdowns, high school drama, and a reminder that I am clearly a guy because I squash and confront on shit, I’m done.

PC is still gone.

I saw Cindy for happy hour which was nice. I had a phone date with Erin. And then one with PC. I’ve texted with my soldier. I am getting my haircut, finally, in the next few days [because I have money to–first time since February]. 

All this adds up and makes me sleepy!!!

I did rock a coworker’s birthday by surprising her in decorating her space! Bitch coworker could not take that away from me[oh ya she stole my holiday work party planning from me].

Oh ya and rudely/passively made sure to point out I will not be invited to one of our holiday parties. What a fucking bitch! I feel so sorry for her!!! Her life clearly must suck if she must do what she is doing…

Just cannot believe that everywhere I go I run into exactly the same personalities and personas.

Just like NFTY used to say: Everywhere you go you’ll find [a Jew but here we say someone referring to personality] you know.

Cannot escape it. People are just getting more bitter and selfish. Very antibolidays! :[


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