It’s so stupid. I’m ecstatic. I’m getting my hair cut today. ❤

I have not had one since early February. Because that was the last time I had disposable income thanks to my toxic job. Who refused me hours and money. Ugh makes me angry.

This is all been causing me severe anxiety and that leads to more eating disorder exacerbations which leads to ugly dead hair. Niiiiice and cyclical. Which is my anorexia.

Anyways, my hair is dead and lifeless which grosses me out. It was short then and is now past my shoulders. I am enjoying it long though.

The plan? Trim dead ends [could be a lot], lots of layers, and my angle cut in front.

Then maybe I won't be so ashamed to wear my hair down so much.

I wanted to do a perm or tint it [underlayer] but I have to be careful of what I do since I am meeting PC's parents in a few months. And I am also thinking of what I would do if/when I get married. The way PC has been talking lately it's a strong likelihood.

Anywho. YAY HAIRSCUT!! Then, back to waxing. ❤ it's been a looong year. But sacrifices had to be made. Including buying food.


4 thoughts on “Hairscut 

  1. I love getting my hair done too! Something so pampering and exciting about the change and doing something just for yourself. 🙂

    Dayne colours my hair (and is ridiculously good at it) and I cut it myself so I’ve not had the chance to go get mine done for a long time. It’s not quite the same in your own bathroom, arguing about where the next foil should go Lolol!!

    Hope you reallllllllly enjoyed it and your hair turned out beautifully. Xx

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  2. Aw, enjoy! It’s so important to do little nice things for yourself every now and then.
    It’s funny, I haven’t gotten my hair cut since last year in May. I HATE getting it cut — always have! I need a trim badly. Maybe I’ll try to flip it around and get excited about it. Won’t work, but I’ll try 🙂

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