Challenge Accepted!

I am excited to share that I have found a bunch of awesome list challenges that I will begin! Of course my impulse is to do them all and do them all right now

But I will pace them out. I found some fun ones [movies, music, etc.] as well as self discovery ones. 

As usual, I invite any and every person to participate to the degree of comfort that helps them grow as a person. :]

I am saddened that up until about two months ago my feed was filled with new posts frequently and right now it is dead. I’m not sure where everyone went. :/

I will try and inspire because I am fighting here and I am hoping this will motivate me to stay on track! I have strong compulsions to complete what I start so this will get my butt to blog but then hopefully blog it out and be honest about all my struggles.

I really need to stop shutting down.


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