Ed, Edie, & Cassie Challenge: Part 1

This challenge will be an interesting one as my answers are now shaped by myself, Ed, and Edie. Let’s see if there is any difference!

Self Discovery Challenge: 1-10

1.  The last person I held hands with was PC. And I miss him. I do not receive much intimacy anymore–not since high school–and I miss it. The hugs, linked arms, hand holding. I need that touch.

2. I am loud, outgoing, and shy. The shyness recently came about with my anxiety exacerbations. When my agoraphobia is in high gear I’m stupid shy it angers me. Ed forces the shyness while Cassie is remembering how I’m loud and outgoing and have never been bothered before. I hate the change.

3. I am looking forward to seeing PC!! My man comes back to me for basically two weeks before he leaves me…again!! But we have our own vacation coming up.

4. I am very easy to get along with! The people who don’t are the ones who are jealous and/or intimidated. It is from their own insecurities that no matter what I do, they will not change. People hate those who are friendly and kind.

5. Unfortunately yes. My asshole long term exboyfriend. I gave up on him and ended it as it was going nowhere. Then I got into a program and wanted consistent sex, comfort of the known, and as horrible as this is, a place to escape to and someone I could manipulate in a way. He was in love with me but not enough to stand up to his antisemetic mother. There is a lot more to this that a simple question cannot cover. If enough demand, I’ll discuss my cheating exboyfriend.

6. Yes he would. I don’t think he would know what to do but I would tell him what I need and he would do it. I do not get drunk around people unless I feel safe and can trust them.

7. Yes. I would like to think PC and I will be good!! We feel solid and I love him so much!! I always have my adoring fans if needed. But I want PC. He’s my boo.

8. Now it is PC, my friends in Vegas, and an ex after these past questions… Come on!!

9. Nope! I love talking about it. I’ve researched STDs and protection/barrier methods. I worked in Public Health focusing on sex, STDs, and birth control methods. I enjoy it immensely and hate that it’s sooo taboo for women and not men. I’m comfortable with it and because of that all around me end up being so, too.

10. Last deep conversation… Maybe my dad? Or my mom’s coworker at thanksgiving? PC has been so off with time changes we just text which blows. I am for deep convos whenever I can with people if it feels right. 

The rest is to be continued…


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