Self Discovery Challenge: Part Deux

Questions 11-20.


11. Kk can’t wait to see you then. It is in reference to gym date with Erin this week. We are finally starting our gym sessions.

12. Woaaaaaaah. That is one topic I do not discuss with people. Someone always gets offended and it is not necessary on here. Sex? Let’s get dirty. Drugs? Sure we can talk about that [you or my opnion]. Alcohol? Cussing? Premarital sex? Religion? Abuse? All are fair games. 

13. You know I never had an issue with big crowds until my most recent major relapse. I fake it till I make it but now it’s so hard for me to do. I hosted large corporate parties. I give lectures. I teach. Never an issue. But I never ever EVER can walk into a building [or out actually] first. Always been that way.

14. Yes I do. I am very unlucky. But I have seen luck happen to others. I have had miracles happen to me. Shit it’s a miracle I’m still alive!! Anorexia should have killed me several times by now. So should have the car accident. I’ve also seen the miracle of a dying person who needs an organ to survive and gets it at the last possible minute. 

15. This summer I went on an amazing trip with two of my best friends to Las Vegas. Where mini birthday miracles happened. ;] I was able to have fun amidst the toxicity of my job and home life. I also learned whom to prioritize in my life.

16. Yes yes a thousand times yes! I look forward to kissing him again very soon!!

17. Sure there is life on other planets. I’m not saying humans, but microorganisms at least. If we are able to exist I do not see why it is so improbable for life anywhere else.

18. I think my first crush was a celebrity so we never talked. But my first crush in person? Noooo but we are Facebook friends. Small world. It means nothing though. And I was convinced I had a crush because I drank Orange Crush soda and decided I had an epiphany <—psychosis in elementary school r/t anorexia nervous and yet everyone still denied it!

19. Bubble baths… Hmmmm… PC loves them. I guess I’m not a fan because the water does not stay hot! I love hot tubs!! 

20. Heeheeheee my neighbors. Wow. Ummm. One set I absolutely adore they have been amazing! Another I have a confession about–I have possibly had sex dreams about him. Thankfully he is verrrry new. The another set the family is selfish and I’m convinced the teen son is doing drugs: I busted a drug drop by another scrawny teen. My hood ass threatened and then called the cops yet the cops didn’t even care!! Then 3 months later the dealer shows up at the house and breaks in puts the kid at gun point and escapes through our yard. That’s when they cared. Punk ass bitch. Take that shit somewhere else!! This is not the hood for drops!! Another neighbor set is loud and disrespectful playing music until 2am and trying to set our house on fire. Generally speaking the renters are very disrespectful because they dgaf. Gah. This area is too wealthy for that crap.


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