The Appointment Summary

I felt so confident that I lost weight that I wanted to step on a scale this morning. You know, so I would see how much I’ve lost before I saw the doctor. I mean, my ring falls off my hand. I am a definite XL no matter what [still huge]. I feel muscle definition in my legs when I pinch my fat. Pants I wore a few weeks ago are falling off me.

So I proudly stepped up to my triggering machine confident my weight had dropped below a certain number. Finally.

Boy I was fucking wrong. And triggered.

I went UP!!

I have gained pounds… Yes. But physically lost weight?!?! Greaaaaat. All day was a struggle thanks to this.

*.    *.    *.    *.    *.    

I saw the doctor and I get the special psychological screen. What have my feelings been like in the past two weeks. Not even past month. Huh.

Then my vital signs. Which were not um good. My blood pressure has dropped. And since I drink a lot of water each day this is not a good sign.

My doctor is helping me immensely by doing the research for me. 

And by having me come back in 2 weeks. To check in. She is being supportive and I’m so grateful!!

I don’t have anyone else.

And I am half asleep while writing this. I am sorry!


2 thoughts on “The Appointment Summary

  1. Sounds like it was quite tough. I imagine you must have lost fat and gained muscle if you’re physically smaller but heavier. Totally would find it triggering tho, but remember it would be enough for “normal” people to have loose trousers and see the change! Glad you have a doctor who is looking out for you. Sleep tight x love all the way from England!

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