Self Discovery Challenge: Part Quatre

Questions 31-40.

31. Yes it is. I am actually growing it out right now but we will see how long it gets because my hair does not like to be long. It starts to be dried and gross on the ends and greasy at the roots. No matter what.

32. I’m not sure since after having had a threesome before I checked it off my list. I learned that there’s going to be drama and I’m selfish sexually–I am not going to sit there and watch. Nope!

33. Fw
34. Um currently? Not exactly. Training and hoping to get back into dance–a whole other post because of the anxiety with El Niño.

35. Without tv. I actually go on kicks without it for days, even weeks. But I need music everyday.

36. Yes. Not just as a kid but even more recently. I wasn’t sure if he was interested and we worked together. This was pre PC. 

37. Hahaha awkwaaaard. It depends on if I know them or not and what is causing the awkward silence… Like serious tension or anger.

38. Yes and no it depends on the people. Generally speaking, men older is better due to their maturity levels. And from my personal experience I do better with someone who knows what they want and here in this area these boys don’t know till their 40s apparently. I lucked out!!

39. Ooo art supply stores like Michaels, Target, used bookstores, Amazon, one stop shops, Ulta, Poshmark, places with a deal… Hahaha

40. Uh I’m beyond high school?

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