I still hurt. And have arm weakness. Pretty sure I fractured my ankle. Am allergic to the med for the pain. Was a rough week because it all just crumbled around me.

And I’m feeling extremely fat. Pretty sure I’m gaining weight. Find myself easily restricting and not noticing again.

hating my life in all of those senses.

6 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. So sorry for your struggle! I’m allergic to pain medication also! It’s the worst- I get realllllly bad monthly cramps and every month I have to weigh out whether it’s worth it to have my allergies flare up from the medication or to stay in pain and allergy free.

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  2. Sounds really hard! I tore an ankle ligament this year so I know how painful an ankle can be! Ice it! I think this time of year can be hard on mental health anyway, especially when you have other stressors too. Keep going & do your best. That’s good enough xx

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