I am melting into myself.

It has not been a good week. By any means.

Pain is still here. I took the boot off prematurely because it was pouring rain and I was not about to kill the rest of my bones for it.

And it has caused a lot of struggles. I am having a hard timing holding on to reality. I want to hyper exercise so bad. I can’t. I fluctuate between starving and subjective binges.

I e spent several nights and days with PC and I have to watch him exercise and train while I sit here growing fatter. It’s not fair. I can’t do anything because I have arm and ankle injury. The walking boot has stressed out my hip and back. Just all around stressful. Yay.

I am melting back and Ed’s voice just calls and beckons to me. Soothes me with comfort at how much easier it is to fall back into the comfort of habits.


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