About To Go Off

Alright, first off, I have come up with a nickname for that nasty coworker I have. You know, the one who tried to inappropriately put me on blast yesterday? The drama seeking and invoking unhappy mother in her 50s? Today sealed the deal on her code name for on this blog: Dramama.

It just seems right.

I’m just so done. Today I nearly lost it.

I mean I didn’t even notice her bad attitude and apparent bad attitude towards me; someone else pointed it out to me. I’m just so used to it and so used to ignoring it.

Because she doesn’t phase me.

And I think she knows it too.

Cause she’s been stepping it up.

She’s pissed for literally some self induced juvenile drama. She’s taking it out on me. I just don’t care. It’s upsetting others. I appreciate their concern but that’s what concerns me most–my lack of concern or empathy for Dramama. It’s the point where if she were to die I would not be phased; might even add some tidbit about kharma being a bitch. Cause it is.

Well I am having issues of establishing my boundaries with her. Part of it is my fault because I’m fearful in establishing/defining/upholding my own boundaries. For reasons that explain my anorexia and my plethora of anxiety disorders.

I’m just afraid of upsetting someone. And getting in trouble. Always in my head!!

Well Dramama was jealous today and went to our boss and  lied stating that I was being loud and laughing for an hour–distracting her from her work.


You’d have to be working to be distracted. You could ask us to be quiet. It was a whole 15 minutes so way to over embellish. She was jealous because she was not a part of the coversation nor was she invited/able to contribute/was it around her.

So she tells the boos it’s my fault?!

Fuck. That.

Shhh. The fireman coming!

My boss knows Dramama is the way she is and we had a good talk–initially about my shifts supporting me in therapy mickawhat?!?!

So I politically correctly threw Dramama under the bus while making myself look good.

My boss told me to stand up against her and I’m glad I did. I have the permission now. It’s on baby!! My bitch gangsta side comes out and it’s not pretty. Her faux pretentious ass will not handle my honesty.


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