Little Moments

Today I just had a little moment of realization. Another one of those “Why PC is My Kind of Perfect.”

Granted he is on my list for contributing to getting me sick with a throat cold…

But sick and all, he knew how badly I was hurt yesterday. He knows how stressed and anxious I have been on this journey to get help. He knows I’ve been bullied by Dramama and I can’t fight back.

So he did my kind of amazing.

He took me to cleanse my soul.

Even sick, he insisted we head to the beach. So we went to the beach today.

Sea salt air. Sun on my skin. Sea breeze blowing through my hair. Just what I needed.

But as we were driving there, I was having my usual anxiety in the car and his responses made me realize how perfect for me he is.

-What an asshole! He didn’t need to cut that driver off! I mean seriously?! Who does that?! Drives in the emergency lane to cut people off to get ahead and we are all still stopped!

Babe. It’s ok. Let’s bring it back and enjoy the ride. Forget them. Let’s enjoy the moment. It’s a beautiful day. And I’m in the car with my beautiful girlfriend. [as he reaches for my hand].

It brings me back in the moment. I don’t know if he even realizes how he grounds me from these anxiety and panic attacks. /mindfulness\

I’ve become more aware of them lately when he drives.

It’s these little moments where I am so thankful I have him. Because I don’t know how I’d survive this world, deal with Ed’s voice, without PC.

Ya why do I deserve him?


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