Feeling Accomplished…In Bed!

Ok so it’s a cheesy throw back to our grade school days when we threw “in bed” after everything we said. Ok maybe we might have continued to say it through high school as well….

But seriously. People. I am still on bed rest. I am mentally getting anxious from being in bed.

I have gone through and reminded myself of everything I want to do for organizational projects in my room. I have made lists on lists. Lists of lists. I mean I literally just stare at my room!!

I cannot do much still. Albeit I am feeling better!

How can I tell? Oh the doctor appointment today I realized I talked to anyone and everyone! I couldn’t stop!!!

After a week of silence because of the effort to talk, out it comes.

I’m also feeling abandoned and isolated.

My “friends” at work–NONE have reached out to check on me. Not a soul.

I’m devastated. I guess they are all fair weather friends.

Don’t mind me. Not breathing. Scared shitless. On mandated bedrest. Can’t even talk or walk.

It’s real not even melodramatic!!

Anyways. My mind just dwells between the anxiety, OCD behaviors, and the bed rest.

Today I was really focused on the fact that it is a new month and I need to keep up with my New Year’s Resolution of do one thing each month off of Pinterest. I was not sure what it would be.

I have some small projects that are organizational that I just needed to complete set up and ready to go. But I dug through my boards to find inspiration.

Yesterday I did a fabulous job of lying in bed sorting through my hair accessories and thinning them out. Today I wanted to do something meaningful as that from bed. Those tasks are becoming fewer.

I decided to finally finish up one of my organization tasks from months ago because it’s easy just time consuming.

And I found it on Pinterest. TWO FOR ONE!!

I have kept meaningful cards that elicit positive memories or have positive messages to me. It’s like a mindfulness/DBT thing. Positive energy-positive vibes-positive life.

I separated the cards into two piles: one that fit into my small three ring binder [large cards] and the ones to go on two binder rings .

Within each group, I organized them by date with most recent on top. Then I used my single hole punch to hole punch my cards.

Super simple. Super cute. All cleaned up and all in one place now. And my OCD behaviors just had a field day!! It felt orgasmic!

All in all it took half an hour. With my lining up to get it perfect and everything it was an awesome half hour spent.

All in bed!!

Pinterest goal for March: complete.

Resting as doctor ordered: check.

Getting organized: oh yes.

Definitely feeling accomplished!! And more so because I’m capable of doing it all from bed!


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