Quick post unfocused 

A lot has been going on. Too much it’s actually beyond overwhelming.

It’s crazy. I’m in a hypomanic phase right now. And yet with the inhaled steroids I’m on and the stress at work with Dramama/ office reorganization my anxiety is off the charts so that is outweighing the hypomania at times.

So my thoughts are all over the place.

Here is my notes I had for my appointment this past week for my therapist. Just a clue of what I’m dealing with…. Besides still healing from RSV and last week’s eye surgery.

Refeeding sx: gerd. Don’t want to eat and it also reminds me how I’m eating so I’m at that point of eating healing process 

Hypomania since yesterday 

Lose my ish over Dramama. My life has issues too! Tired of her belittling 

Boss email –backbone and defended self 

Trip in June — but not sure can have it bc Dramama has whole month off

Work Healthy champion lunch–didn’t eat, felt fraudulent, felt fat

Cleaning and a lot; obsessed 

Shower issue and mom today: carpool that didn’t happen and the melt down fight

Sickness and lack of memory freaks me out

DBT cards project

Stressful work week

Feeling so fat


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