Too Fat to Breathe?

Last weekend I ended up getting pretty sick.

It all started with a horrid sore throat. Which progressed to a runny and congested nose. This led to some hardcore coughs that were few and far apart.

In retrospect, it all started with a bunch of sneezing.

And it all started with a coworker who shared it. And got it from a patient.

Well I figured it was a basic cold; no biggie.

Everyone in the office seemed to get some variation of it and now it was my turn.

But thanks to that whole starving myself thing, I got it full on.

I’m immunosuppressed. Anorexia does that to you.

They don’t advertise that on the model campaigns. Or as thinspo.

I guess “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels and being sick all the time because you’re immunosuppressed” isn’t catchy.

Well, when it first started, it was simple things.

Walking I would get winded.

I was convinced I was just getting fatter. I was clearly out of shape. I can’t breather because I’m fat!!!

I nearly passed out in the stairs from lack of oxygen–because I’m fat!!

This went on for a week.

I got sent home from work because I looked horrendous apparently.

My lips tingled. When I coughed, I would cough so hard I’d almost faint. My sinuses were beyond full. I still figured it was a cold.

One of my coworkers texted me Friday evening to tell me we had all been exposed to RSV–another coworker tested positive and that someone else transmitted it to us via a patient.

Normally, RSV is only bad for elderly adults and babies. But it’s also bad for those with asthma.

Guess who now knows she has asthma?!?!

I called my doctor to see if anything besides my current inhaler could help. I mean hitting it 5times a day without much help and still feeling like a fat ass because I can’t breathe while walking is ridiculous.

So to summarize: I literally can’t breathe, I have minimal oxygen, am confused, show all scary healthcare signs of poor oxygenation, and have Ed’s voice telling me it’s because I’m too fat on top of all that.

Oh and my damn pharmacy decided to close 4 hours early today so I couldn’t get my newest inhaler.


Because I don’t feel fat enough! I get to pant and feel dizzy every ten steps!


One thought on “Too Fat to Breathe?

  1. Sounds like a horrible illness! Strangely, a lot of my peers have been extremely ill with a bad virus too. It’s doing the rounds 😟 hope you feel better soon & tells Eds voice to get lost! You don’t need that as well! Xx

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