New Fave Products

Ed’s voice has been in my face a lot lately. Granted I’ve had a lot more challenges so Ed can dominate. But I’m trying to find ways, mainly external cues for external validation, to fight Ed’s voice.

And I’ve found some.

Meet my new favorite products!
Sold at Target in a set. These brushes remind me that I should stop trying to hide myself with makeup. 
Empowerment set.

These pads of paper are designed by the brand Knock Knock. They make amazing little books that you fill in with reasons why someone is amazing or reasons you love someone. This was a tool that helped me in the beginning of recovery. Now these are helping me when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, OCD compulsed, or need visuals. The two in the back row are even perforated! I bought all of them on Amazon. 


3 thoughts on “New Fave Products

  1. Reblogged this on it's all about faith! and commented:
    I found this really cool post on a blog called “The Sound of Ed’s Voice”. After seeing this one post I knew that I should follow this blog. I am not the type to where much make-up. But when I saw these little gems with the inspirations written upon them I had to share this. Girls, when you put on your make-up each morning, remember who you are and what really matters. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU MATTER!!! Never let anybody tell you otherwise! God made you beautiful just the way you are. With and without make-up. So show your pretty self to the world each day declaring just what a lovely person you are — inside and out!

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