Baby Insight

Went to one of my nephews birthday parties today. Can’t believe how fast kids grow up.

The hardest part of it all?

Surprisingly wasn’t the fact that PC and I were the only ones without kids at the party. Nope. Nor was it all the food that was everywhere.

It was that some chick was acting like she was always with my nephew and I was jealous. He turned 2. And I have seen him maybe 5 times? And we live 15 minutes apart.

I was so elated when he recognized me and talked to me! I wasn’t a total stranger this time.

But this chick… Taking care of my baby… I thought she was the daycare assistant.

No no. She’s the estranged relative. Like literally. The kind that I’m sparing the MTV saga style dramatics because it’s not pretty. Needless to say she has forced her way into this family’s life.

And she has stolen my role.

And I don’t know how I feel about it.

Replaced? Abandoned? Left out?

Clearly jealousy.

I was placed in the adult friend role against my wishes. Even given my history with kids, I rarely see my nephew because Cindy wants “adult girl time” with me. I feel deprived.

Happy birthday, kiddo. Your Aunty is a mess.


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