MIA: I’m Moving!

It’s been a long and stressful month.

I returned from my travels. Was slammed with work. I was double covering for someone on vacation [good for them they deserve it!]. But that seemed to make others think I should also pick up their load. Hmmmmm

Then since no one else was allowed time off during this time, someone else “was sick” for an entire week so I found myself two point five covering because I had to seriously to support the person who had to cover for the “sickly.”

Convenient they were sick for a week, worked three days, and were well enough for their vacation for a week.

My face: -___________-

All the while I had an increase in doctors appointments because, well, I made them like a month ago and when you’re anorexic you have to be seen by a whole team. You know, you have you’re psychologist, your psychiatrist, and don’t forget your primary! Then there’s your vampires I mean lab draw team. And because we are still dealing with my injuries from December I still have my physical therapists. But I have been a bad girl and dropped my massage therapy sessions because I could not find time. Well that came back because walking like a hobbit isn’t cute. Plus it hurts.

But the real stress besides work? Oh I’m moving.

Like, the real move.

I cannot remember if I mentioned this or not, but during my travels, a month ago, PC found our place.

Yup, I’m moving in with PC!!

This anorexic anxiety filled person is able to sustain a healthy relationship and is moving in with her boyfriend: a concept I accepted would never happen.

And this is beyond exciting!

I’m not scared about living with him. Probably should be. Not sure why I’m not. My stress has all come from the move itself, packing, and the changes for my anorexia post moving out and away from my toxic environment.

My sleep: so messed up the last month. The last week I’ve need Ativan. I’m so angry because I haven’t used Ativan in the past like 6 months I believe! Annnnnd here it is.

Just have to get the shit on the truck and I’m OUT!

The stress should decrease considerably. PC moves in later. Then nesting and my OCD can run rampant.

Now to deal with the bullshit drama of work. Ya. I stood up to someone who tried to bully me. Go me!


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