Medical Emergency?

Well this was going to be a post about my IUD exchange and that whole process. But now we are going to focus on the current medical crisis.

I’m in brushing my teeth and look up and my entire bottom lip is cyanotic–blue.

As I calmly try to not freak out, I start assessing myself.

Throat: fine. Tongue: fine. Upper lip: fine [wait what huh?!]. Tingling: none. Wtf?!

Call my mom: no help. Call my doctor: my phone won’t accept incoming calls.

Finally connect with Doctor. I’m a medical oddity. My only symptom is my cyanotic and swollen painful to the touch bottom lip. No tingling in it.

I’ve had dizziness and a headache all day. But I chalked that up to the after effects of IUD. I have also felt very out of it and stoned; also chalked up to yesterday’s procedure.

Now I’m exhausted, want to sleep, scared to sleep, and will be woken up in an hour for a phone call check in.

Why can’t I be fucking normal?!?!?

life tryna fucking kill me breh!!


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