No Real Answers

My lip being cyanotic has happened twice since but nothing as severe as before.

I saw the Doctor the next day. When I woke up, my lip was swelt. Like Angelina Jolie would be jealous.

I know people pay for what my lip swell level was, but for me it needed to go because I had no clue how it got there or why it was there.

It was then accompanied by severe nausea, serious chest pain, and GERD.

Overall diagnosis?

Two unrelated events.

I’m too stressed out [welcome to my world] and they believe I had a serious allergic reaction to something. They don’t know what though.

That scares me the most.

Oh goodie a new allergen that causes serious issues but we don’t know what!!

Because now my OCD tendencies just became full blown.

So back to my inhaler and Zantac [because it’s an antihistamine style medication for “heartburn” until that’s under control].

Once my lip died down, which was a full day later and waaaay wrinkly, I put myself back on Prilosec because it just plain works better for me! But antihistamine wise at least I didn’t pass out!!

But here I am, still exhausted and my throat feels swollen still. No cyanosis in a few days. My breathing is well short. I feel fat as all get out and my drive to lose weight is high aaaagain.

Pretty sure I have a cold too. But I can’t focus much because I’m so tired and out of it.

On the plus side, PC was such a stud during the whole thing. He went out on his own initiative and bought a state of the art HEPA filter that now sits by the head of my bed. He also did something else I can’t say on here because it’s a long story–just know it really touched my heart!! He really went all mama bear and I loved it!

It’s so nice that for once I’m not having to fight for myself by myself. Bizarre feeling but much appreciated.

With all this going on I was a shit and missed the dates! We had our half anniversary milestone [we celebrate on the halves so every 6 months].

And he got me flowers. Love this stud muffin!

So I’m still alive another day pondering why I have to be fat with now bad lungs and another allergen.

Because anorexia wasn’t enough to start with.


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