New Year’s Goal Met


Feeling pretty damn accomplished right now…

I completed one of my New Years Resolutions/goals.

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of goals for myself on my iPod Touch so I would always have it with me. To obsessively obsess over. 😀

Anyways. One of these goals was to get back on track with something that fell off when I went to college–pleasure reading. I never had time. I accumulated books over those extensive never ending years [hey working full time and school full time is no joke!!].

Almost all was lost and I forgot how to get back into it. So much so I had started about fifteen books and never finished one. That was partially credited to the whole first major relapse with anxiety, hypomania, and inability to focus.

This year I was determined to just finish things.

Goal: read 50 books.

Sounds stupid easy to some I know. But for me, there were months where my energy was so low or I was too anxious I couldn’t do it. I was too overwhelmed. I went a couple of months not reading at all. Those compulsions drove me crazy!!

But I am proud to say, today I finished two books [one previously started] and made it to 50!!

There were times where I really thought I was not going to make it. It stressed me out because I was missing out on literature and expanding my mind!

My job and its hours really limit me on a lot but I found my own ways to sneak in reading.

The best part? It builds on one of the DBT Skills–building mastery. This in turn provides confidence. And right now I’m feeling so high!

No fear work will crush that!

But I met a major New Year’s goal. :]


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Goal Met

  1. That’s amazing!! Congratulations 🙂

    Reading is so much more fulfilling and rewarding than watching TV. I am so glad you have been able to enjoy this simple pleasure. I used to devour books.

    What are you reading? What do you recommend?

    Can I just tell you that 2 of my favorite books are The Glass Castle and Life of Pi? 🙂 Just in case you need ideas 🙂


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    • Ok Life of Pi is in my list already!!! And I’ve been teetering on Glass Castle but you just made my mind up!!! So it’s on my list now!!

      I’ve been ALL over the place. I needed some light reads because my mood was reaaaaally labile and easily influenced teehee. So some kids books like the Miss Peregrine series. The Under the Ever Sky. I came off of reading some really dark material and was keying up to read this one specific book because I knew the author before he died but I can’t do it because it’s too emotional. And everyone says they cried. I also did a ton of shorter books so I’d get through them faster Hahaha.

      But TV is much easier after work lady because we can seriously check out. I mean I get it. I get why healthcare professionals rarely read. It’s energy!


    • Ok I finished reading Life of Pi today…. It was amazing. By a total mind screw. Which one is true?!?! I HAVE TO KNOW!! THIS IS MESSING WITH ME!! It all made sense and was fine until the second story which ALSO made logical sense!! Which one?!?!


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