THIS is 1 Reason My Anorexia Persists…

I did online dating. And this really does exist. Men are entitled. They think they deserve to have this skinny perfectly shaped Barbie. While they themselves are beyond flawed.

At least that is how it persists in the area I live in. It sucks to be a woman.

But that is besides the point.

How, as someone with an eating disorder, as someone who is trying and fighting every damn day to love themselves, are you supposed to take this?

I know I am not the only woman out there who has dealt with this.

Please share your stories so I can empower you.

Because I have horror stories, too.

Some caused relapse. Some caused sex binges because they were triggering.


5 thoughts on “THIS is 1 Reason My Anorexia Persists…

  1. Wow. That dude is just one huge ass. Such a false sense of entitlement….I’ll bet he’s trying to make up for a LOT of inadequacies by flaunting his grossly inflated ego. “Be humble”. Pfffft. Try following your own advice ya jackass.

    So sad isn’t it? Xx

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  2. I haven’t done online dating, and I have to say one of my fears about it is encountering some arsehole like this! It’s awful that in 2017, there are still men in the world who think they have the right to be judgemental, lazy, and sexist. Disgusting.

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    • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 preach. It’s like, we judge ourselves so much we don’t need people who don’t know us to do it. It was very difficult for me when I did it. Longest and some of the hardest 2 years of my life. But I learned a lot about myself and how pathetic people are.

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