Four Years to the Day

Creepy that today was the day I decided to do my post. Then again, 4 years ago today I was one year into therapy and discovered this would be a great outlet and support for recovery.

Maybe things do happen for a reason.


RIP To a Voice for Mental Illness 

Carrie Fisher died today.

Sounds like she’s had a rough week of it, too. 

It’s disheartening to hear someone who has been so open about her struggles with bipolar disorder and subsequently drug addiction come to such a tragic end. 

RIP To a Voice that will not be forgotten. For her work, her struggles, and her ability to bring awareness to her struggles.

Thank you for everything.

Surviving vs. Thriving. A Collage.

In experiential group last night, we made collages of what our lives look like just surviving and what they look like thriving. The left half is surviving and the right is thriving. I put a woman punching a punching bag because living with my eating disorder feels like I’m always in a fight for survival. […]

Your Comments Aren’t Helping Anyone

This week Joan Bakewell made a sweeping statement that anorexia was a result of society becoming more narcissistic; she later apologised for the distress caused by her ‘reported views’ and of course has been widely criticised; but I’m still left feeling quite angry and frustrated that this kind of information is still finding it’s way into […]

Eye Surgery: Round 2

Here we go again!!

I’m waiting, almost all my sedative on board. Still anxious as fuuuuuuuh. 

Still don’t do eyes.

Getting my other eye cut open. I hate that I can’t just close my eyes through it. Nope. Wide eyed and open. Both eyes are getting it again. 

I’m going to be so swollen. Stitches. Bruising. 

Anorexia + body image issues from eye surgery = long few weeks.

And this will make a month of no sex. Greaaaaay.

Can someone just take me out like Old Yeller? No not really. 

#45 the tiny hoop

But seriously though….
And this guy is hilarious!
Guy at work dissing a ‘fat girl’. I’ve seen him in the changing rooms – he’s got a TINY cock. Why do we push our insecurities on to others?