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Pissed Off

With myself. With my doctor.

I have come to realize that I have been having an allergic reaction [and a severe one] to a topical medication prescribed for my painful parts post fall. This has included first migraine, flu like syndrome, photophobia [goes with the migraine], severe redness in one eye, severe eye pain in same eye, throat swelling, hoarseness, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

When I reported this to my doctor, as well as the fact that I had to hit my emergency drug –Benadryl– last night, they just brushed me off. I told them it scared me and I could t go to work because I was so drowsy from the Benadryl. 

And yet they tell me they think it’s just a respiratory virus?

No. Whenever your patient tells you something is wrong, it is.

I know my arm is a hairline fracture on my humerus. I also fractured my ankle. But they keep brushing it off. So I just keep it to myself. Suffer alone.

I tell them I had severe adverse effects of a medication that states I need to report immediately and they say it’s nothing? I know my body. Too well. Fuck. 

I’m already so angry with my body right now I want to self harm it. I’ve been nothing but hurt and sick for several months and I cannot deal anymore. I want to fight it back. It’s its own entity–me vs my body. 

I’m physically exhausted. I’m relapsing into not eating bc I’m so tired. 

I am asking for help. Me. Cassie. Asking for help.

Just to be basically told I’m being dramatic or a hypochondriac. 

This is why I don’t ask for help. This is why I don’t seek medical attention. What good does it do?