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New Fave Products

Ed’s voice has been in my face a lot lately. Granted I’ve had a lot more challenges so Ed can dominate. But I’m trying to find ways, mainly external cues for external validation, to fight Ed’s voice.

And I’ve found some.

Meet my new favorite products!
Sold at Target in a set. These brushes remind me that I should stop trying to hide myself with makeup. 
Empowerment set.

These pads of paper are designed by the brand Knock Knock. They make amazing little books that you fill in with reasons why someone is amazing or reasons you love someone. This was a tool that helped me in the beginning of recovery. Now these are helping me when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, OCD compulsed, or need visuals. The two in the back row are even perforated! I bought all of them on Amazon. 


Getting to Know Cassie


  1. What is your dream vacation? Disneyland, Las Vegas, Australia, Poland, beach, Disney World
  2. What is your favorite food? Italian. Pasta. Cheese. 
  3. What is your favorite candy? Really depends. Thanks to anorexia I go through phases. Sometimes I love chocolate, other times it’s red vines, the next candy makes me want to die.
  4. What is your favorite dessert? Legit cupcakes/cake/cake pops. But I can not eat them for awhile. I love lemon bars too.
  5. What is your favorite soda flavor? I do not drink soda, but have been known to crack for A&W root beer.
  6. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Dance. Read. Sleep. Make lists. Organize. Pinterest.
  7. What’s your worst fear? Not being good enough/food/abandonment/judgment/being fat
  8. If you were a Disney character, who would you be? I’m not sure. Sleeping beauty or Cinderella.
  9. How many times have you moved? A bit. But not as much as I should have.
  10. What is something spectacular you have done? Depends on people’s definition. Dated A list stars. Saved lives. Survived when the odds are against me. 
  11. What can you tell us that no one knows about you? I hate myself. I doubt I’ll ever be good enough.
  12. Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors.
  13. Soup or salad? Soup–no chewing needed.
  14. Tea or coffee? Teas.
  15. What is your favorite animal? Orca. 
  16. What is your favorite vacation? The one disconnected from the world and societal expectations.
  17. What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate Peanut butter. Vanilla. Cookie dough. 
  18. What is your favorite sport? Dance. To watch: hockey, college football, gymnastics.
  19. What is your favorite vegetable? Lettuce. 
  20. What is your favorite fruit? Bananas and apples.

Foods List

My Alphabetical List of Safe Foods

Still a work in progress… two days later. But so sleepy!!

A apples, apple juice, Alfredo, American, almonds, alcohol

B banana, bread, bread bowl, Brie, bagels, brownies [no nuts]

C cream sauces, cupcakes [sometime], chocolate, cheese, cheddar, corn, cuties, cream cheese, cheese sticks, cheese quesadilla, cheese enchilada, Cesar salad, cereal, cherry flavor, cheezits, cashews, charoset, crackers

D dairy [generally speaking], dips [ranch, onion, garlic, sometimes artichoke]

E ebelskievers, enchilada [cheese], emmenthalyer, English muffin

F fries, French toast, fondue [cheese or chocolate], fontina, falafel 

G gelato, gelatin, granola, grilled cheese, Greek yogurt, garlic, Gatorade, goldfish, Gouda, gin, gnocchi, graham crackers

H hot chocolate [not much anymore], hummus, honey, hash browns

I ice cream, 

J juice, 

K ketchup, key lime flavor, kugel, Krispy treats 

L lemonade, lemon, lettuce [but not the veins or stalks], lasagna

M mint, mozzarella sticks, milkshake

N nuts, noodles

O orange juice, onion rings

P pancakes, popcorn, pudding, peanuts, pecans, protein shake [Kellogs and Carnation], peppermint, pizza, pie, pretzels

Q quesadilla [cheese]

R rice, rice a roni, 

S smoothies [specifics], sandwiches [peanut butter, pb And ketchup, pb and fluff, cheese and ketchup, cheese, pb and chips], salad, spinach, sweet potato fries, sparkling wine, sparkling cider, spaghetti

T tater tots, toast


V vanilla

W waffles, whipped cream, water, walnuts, wintergreen, white wine, wine


Y yogurt [vanilla, chocolate, key lime, lemon]

Z ziti

It’s That Time–Current Project

Every week I am lucky that I get to watch and hangout with my friends’ daughters. We bond. I have been with them since before they were born!! They are my little girls who are just growing up too fast.

About three months ago we started a Listography Journal together. We made our own separate journals and we have the same list topics. Each week, we journal together.

I refuse to let kids be taken over by technology.

This is a way to connect with them, hear what is important to them, validate them, and encourage creativity. It is also our weekly routine.

We even have our own homework.

Well, Cassie has more homework. I have to find more list topics and ideas for our journals.

One week we will get around to collaging the covers.

But this week, this is what we will be doing: 


Obvi, this is just the beginning. The intent is to fill the whole page with things I love. But then I would be cheating on the girls and that is going to be our journal entry for the week.

It goes pretty well with a2e’s and my #LoveMeChallenge we are doing right now.

It has been insightful so far. It is also nice knowing I can come back to it; it does not need to be completed in one sitting. I was surprised at how easily that all flowed out once I started!!! I stopped because I needed to post this post! 😛

Sidenote: bear with me on the spelling and autocorrect errors–the latest update has jacked with my spellcheck and settings on top of my still somewhat blurry vision post surgery. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 😀