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THIS is 1 Reason My Anorexia Persists…

I did online dating. And this really does exist. Men are entitled. They think they deserve to have this skinny perfectly shaped Barbie. While they themselves are beyond flawed.

At least that is how it persists in the area I live in. It sucks to be a woman.

But that is besides the point.

How, as someone with an eating disorder, as someone who is trying and fighting every damn day to love themselves, are you supposed to take this?

I know I am not the only woman out there who has dealt with this.

Please share your stories so I can empower you.

Because I have horror stories, too.

Some caused relapse. Some caused sex binges because they were triggering.


DBT Skills: Coping Bullet Journal

Ok let me start off with I’ve been channeling my OCD behaviors into Bullet Journal ing. I love it and it’s helpful for me. It’s cathartic. It gets crap out of my head. It shuts out Ed and Edie’s voices for a bit. 

Naturally, I’m on Pinterest looking for things to “bujo” as us lazy I mean cool kids say. 

I stumbled on these. They are so going in. An excellent reminder [for me minus the prayer part but insert mindfulness].

I’m guilty of a lot of these. Helps me identify. Are you?

Support: Sticky Note Edition; Sticky Support Challenge


I just pulled this off of Pinterest. And I absolutely love it. It is a great way to obtain validation and support from fellow bloggers, pinners, whatever other forms of media is out there.

I think it is a great way to start a mini challenge in the mental and behavioral health community.

So I am starting this one and I hope it spreads.


  • Post picture in a post
  • Title it: Sticky Support Challenge. 
  • Tag others that you know are struggling and would benefit from this challenge. 
  • Keep an eye out–once they post, make sure to comment something for their post-it note
  • Remember: the goal here is to create a supportive community so when someone is struggling, they can look at their sticky notes and feel supported, cared for, appreciated, and not alone. We are all together.

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