A work in progress. I am a late 20s lady who has finally found the courage to share her story in the struggles with eating disorders. After discovering that many blogs are solely dedicated to anorexia or bulimia in the stereotyped-by-media fashion, I am sharing my voice for those who do not fit inside the box.


I have come to realize that I have been struggling seriously since I was in middle school, but further analysis demonstrated it has truly been a life long battle. My first treatment was not until I was 18 and diagnosed as “anorexic bulimic with hypergymnasia” and had continued to restrict for multiple years. In the process, due to having starved my body severely once before, every time I would restrict to lose weight, I would just gain weight since my body knew the cycle. My body was smarter than me. I continued to gain a lot of weight and the eating disorder took over. All this until last year [2013] when I had majorly relapsed. If it had not been for 2 friends and 1 doctor, I would not have gotten the help I needed.  Because no one suspects an overweight obese person to be anorexic.


I break the mold.


I suffer PTSD, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder [so weird if you knew me], OCD tendencies, and the current title of EDNOS because you cannot be deemed anorexic unless you meet all the checkboxes and my weight is the only checkbox I do not meet.  Oh yeah. I am also a healthcare provider–adding quite a twist to the mix!


I hope that this blog brings light to what other people suffer from and a voice to those who are voiceless. That my struggles might help someone else understand their loved one or help identify someone with similar struggles.  No one should suffer alone.


If I find high enough demand, I will gladly add my contact information. Like I said, no one should suffer alone and I, too, am hoping to find support from others.

Updated as of 8/8/15:
Open Communication

Email: soundofedsvoice@gmail.com

kik: CassiexEdsxVoice

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