Here Is [A Peek At] What Ed’s Voice Looks Like

Looks like enough. I think I need more.

You see a ridiculous amount of the same thing. Multiple Virgin America headphones–which are aaaaaaamazing. Clearly, I love them. So everytime I fly, I buy another pair if I do not get them for free.

Because Ed’s voice is there, whispering to me. What if. What if the ones you love break? What if it is a long time until you fky again? What if they stop making and selling them? What if you get these ones dirty? You need a pair for work, a pair for the gym, a pair for hanging out, a pair for your car, a pair for…

Well, I hope you get the point.

Ed’s voice pesters me. I freak out. Ed is. So. Right.

What is crazy is those are just the ones in my tech drawer. I have more in my car and around.

What is super ridiculous is that I pierced my tragus several years ago. With that, I was unable to wear headphones for a little over a year. So I have not really touched those.

Just….kept them.

Yes. Ed’s voice has helped me hoard. Granted some of it comes from my OCD tendencies, people taking everything away from me in my life, and other babble I have analyzed and can create another post on, I was ashamed at how many I had when I pulled them out today.

And yet, Ed’s voice was there saying, when are you flying next so you can grab another pair and even out the colors?

It all started with me running over a month ago. I have been conditioned to utilize earbuds. I hear the music better, too. But when I ran, they kept falling out. I remembered how I always had my Virgin America headphones for the intense gym workouts.

Right then and there, I resolved I would go back to headphones.

My tragus is healed and fine. My other cartilage piercings are healed now so I should be able to stand headphones no problems.

I hope.

I need the music going because I have to fight Ed’s voice while I run. It is too much.

And this is the FIRST time in a month the heat and humidity is not ridiculous that I can tolerate a run.

And Ed’s voice is not having it with my fat ass eating and not exercising.

I miss dance. A lot.

And people lose a lot of weight running.

I will get my bubble butt back. I can lose the pregnant stomach look [courtesy of Depo]. I can lose the excess fat and possibly feel good enough and in control.

This is my current escape. Maybe mix alcohol in. Eat the bare minimum so I can lose weight. Run to lose it all. Escape the world.

Silly Cherry, for approving me for running.

She might regret that one.

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