LoveMe Challenge: Day 7


One thing that is just for me. I have been actually having a hard time with this one.

It used to be dance and dance teams. Then I got super sick last year from a severe allergic reaction so I have not been back since March.

Then it was my haircut/dye/waxing. But I am too broke so I cannot afford it.

I LOVE to do my nails but sometimes we are not allowed to have our nails done so consistency is meh.

Then there is music. I love it and I always have it and it helps me escape. But it just does not feeeel like my answer.

I want something more… Consistent. Something more rewarding. Something that I feel betters my mental health.

But I think I have my answer.

The one thing that is just for me: therapy. I go twice a week. I see one therapist for CBT specialized anorexia and eating disorder therapy. I see another therapist for DBT individual therapy and she is also specialized in eating disorders.

They are the only ones who know all of my struggles, push me to live, validate me, and hear me. Sure my insurance pays them. But I know they genuinely care about me.


2 thoughts on “LoveMe Challenge: Day 7

    • I can definitely write more! Lately it has been serious crisis intervention that is repetitive so I did not know if it would be boring. But I will tots do it!! Thanks for that input I seriously appreciate the feedback!! Expect a post, soon!! ;]


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